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Novels and more by D. K. Christi

Ghost Orchid

Photographers search for the perfect subject in the perfect light and find themselves. Is love eternal? Searching for her roots, Neev uncovers a mystery and secrets that free her spirit to love. The beauty of the Everglades shines through on every page, the ghost orchid the heart and soul of the story.

On D.K.Christi's birthday in 2007, the first ghost orchid to bloom in Blair Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary was so amazing with eleven blooms at once and for many other record-breakers that it was dubbed, "Super Ghost."

D. K. Christi was on the boardwalk for the discovery and followed its blooming every day for three months for three years - the Naples Daily News called her one of the "obsessed."

Ghost Orchid, though a fiction story, is inspired by the mystical magic of this blooming, this rare and endangered sophisticated ghost orchid that touched the author's soul and didn't let go.

NPR Reviews praised the "beauty of the Everglades that shines through on every page, the ghost orchid the heart and soul of the story."

Ed Carlson, former sanctuary director who spent most of his adult life managing Corkscrew Swamp said simply, "I loved it."

Darryl Saffer, award-winning environmental filmmaker gifted a book trailer that includes his original video clips and haunting flute music after reading Ghost Orchid.

The ghost orchid continues to bloom on its own fickle schedule. For D. K. Christi's July 2014 birthday, she provided more blooms than ever before - 15.

Bamboo Ring

The first in the Bamboo Rings series that fills in the back stories for the main characters in Ghost Orchid. The novel takes the reader on a world tour to experience the sounds, sights and aromas of exotic, foreign locations woven together with a love story that begins in S. Korea in the 70's.

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