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Exotic locations and romance - Bamboo Ring review

Exotic locations and romance - D.K. Christi entices the reader with deliciously seductive breadcrumbs as she entwines the stories of her first two books, Arirang and Ghost Orchid, with her new endeavor, Bamboo Ring.
You will follow Melani's loveless marriage as she finds steamy romance and excruciating loss with a stranger who captures her soul. Her story is set against the backdrop of the rich yet humble Korean culture, and on to San Francisco and the Midwest; travel with her to other exotic places on extended vacations that are both tender and harrowing. Bamboo Ring follows the twists and turns of tortured romance as Melani struggles to find herself and her true love. Every new twist draws the reader deeper into Melani's personal heaven and hell from volcanic emotional eruptions to desert-like hell as she follows an impossible love. Walk with her on her journey toward fulfillment.

Patty Brant, author of Bitter Secrets and Full Circle Read More 
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