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Naples Press Club Book Fest November 21, 2015

For Immediate Release Contact: dkchristi@yahoo.com

Twelve select authors, all members of the Naples Press Club, are featured at Naples Barnes & Noble at Waterside Shoppes Saturday, November 21 all day with author signings and presentations beginning at 4:00 p.m. Customers get a first-hand look at authors and their books during fast-paced, ten minute highlights.
Even more special is the focus: scholarship funds for aspiring journalism students. All NPC member books purchased result in a portion contributed to the worthy cause when the customer mentions it at the cash register.
As an example, NPC member D. K. Christi has selected her recent literary fiction novel, Bamboo Ring, for readers to enjoy. A bonus: the editor whose romantic Viet Nam era Christmas in Butzbach story was borrowed for characters in Bamboo Ring will be present to tell the “rest of the story” that makes Bamboo Ring an exciting read – and a perfect novel for holiday gifts.
D. K. Christi is a long-time southwest Florida resident whose international work and travel in exotic, foreign locations finds its way into Bamboo Ring and takes the readers along. Weaving the adventure and travel together is a post-Viet Nam love story in the 70s that sets the back story for D. K. Christi’s fiction novel Ghost Orchid, recently re-released.
Wander through Waterside Shoppes in the afternoon and stop into Barnes & Noble for a cup of tea and a walk through featured novels from the local press with author signatures for that unique holiday gift. Purchasers of Bamboo Ring may expect a related token that connects the readers to the characters and the strength of bamboo.
In addition to three published novels, D. K. Christi has short stories in seven anthologies and she is a contributing feature writer and columnist for Spotlight magazines with Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero print issues also found online. More information about D. K. Christi is found at her web site www.dkchristi.com and at www.amazon.com/author/dkchristi  Read More 
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